Something about me.

Today is – wait, what is today’s date? ah its 29th July of the year 2011! How old I’ve become now, 17 years and almost 3 months!! I’ve survived almost, you could say, 1/3 part of my life and I don’t even remember most of it! Haha but who remembers their childhood? We were kids back then and all we needed to do is play with our toys, go out and run randomly, hug our parents (maybe), go out in the rain, make paper boats! play in the rain and a lots and lots of more things! When I was a kid, I was a very shy person.  In fact, I am a very shy person, sometimes even today! As a kid I would just want to do things, or sometimes just want things, desperately. I remember I used to just cry all the time if ever my mom did not/could not give me something I wanted..also whenever  the cookie I wanted to eat, broke into two pieces, I’d just keep on asking my mom to stick it back with gum or some adhesive. I didn’t care. Those were some very good days, I wish I could go back in time, but hey doesn’t everyone wish the same?

Anyway if you must have noticed, this is the first time I am posting anything to this blog and I’ll have to admit this website is pretty much confusing as hell. Although soon enough I’ll understand this website and get comfortable with it and hopefully come to know how to change the layout of this website. And also I’ll admit this is not the first time I’m blogging, I’ve wasted my time before in creating a stupid blog on my class in my high school, with whom I was for with 3 years.

I hope you guys like my blog in the future ‘cos right now, honestly, it sucks. lol.



3 responses to “Something about me.

  1. When I started my blog a few weeks back I was so confused, I was even considering closing it because I had no idea how to use WP. But you’ll get used to it, very soon and very easily! 😀

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