The city of Angels. [ Part 2 ]

I know, I know! It has been a while since…wait not a while, a VERY long time since I published anything or this #part2 in specific, but it’s like, what do they say? “better late than never!”; Yes I was actually planning to quit writing until this wonderful friend of mine inspired me again to write and I truly thank her for that, thank you Nidhi and I hope you figure out the story line for your novel and with your truly amazing writing skills I’m sure you will prevail.
And friends, this is my first post after thousand years so please don’t have high expectations.

Getting back to the main topic now which was, MUMBAI! ‘aamchi mumbai’ as the locals call it, which literally means – ‘our mumbai’ has a population of about 18 million people, ranking the highest populated city in India and 6th highest populated city in the whole world. With the great population and different cultures, The Konkanis (fisher folk) were the original inhabitants. While a lot of them are still around (with specially designated residences for them termed ‘koliwadas’), Mumbai sees an influx of all castes, with Marathis forming a majority stand among as the majority of population among many other castes living there, other castes usually found are gujratis, sindhis, punjabis, marwadis, jats, biharis etc.

The City of Mumbai is the capital of one the many states of India called Maharashtra and is divided in 3 major parts which are – Central Mumbai, South Mumbai and the Suburban areas and the railways are divided as Central and Western Railways, with the Central Railways including portions of the Central Mumbai and Western Railways including everything else. Being an Island, the City was originally built on archipelago of seven islands namely – Bombay Island, Parel, Mazagaon, Worli, Colaba and Little Colaba which existed merely 2000 years ago. The total area of the city is calculated as approx. 603 sq km and the density of population about 25,000 persons per sq km.

Now that you know about the area, population and other things mentioned above about the city let me tell you that this city was discovered and introduced into the Europe by the Portuguese explorers and later on were ruled by them before finally being handed over to the East India Company and later on became the capital of them with result of changing the capital from Surat to Mumbai. It was then ruled by the British Government until her country got independence in 1947.
The rule of British and Portuguese in Mumbai resulted as the spread of Christianity in the city and hence a lot of churches are found upright which were built in at around 1500’s.

The city has had many names in the past but it was branded as Bombay by the Europeans and later on changed as Mumbai in 1995 by the political party Shiv Shena when they won the Maharashtra State elections. Politically, the City of Mumbai is a very important place as it is the financial capital of India. People migrate here from different parts of India to gain monetary success, to complete or fulfill their dreams, dreams of becoming something big and what not.

It has everything that a metropolitan city would or should have other than tall and really architecturally modern offices, apartments and houses which are comparatively very less in quantity (but they do exist) and it has a great night life too! lot of pubs to drink around, whores houses, nice and smooth illegal car and bike races, drug dealing, child trafficking is common.
It has one of the world’s largest slums called Dharavi with capturing almost 1/5th of the city’s population in that particular slum area, although there are 4 more bigger slums than Dharavi in Mumbai as of today… You have to live here to understand the situation of the slums in Mumbai.

Kanheri caves, the Gateway of India, The Sanjay Gandhi National Park are some of the many places you could visit at Mumbai, but trust me if you came to India to see some historic monuments or any monuments, this is not the place u should be hanging around, go to Agra or somewhere but not here cuz this place is full of busy people with briefcases!
But overall I would rate this city a 7.5/10 because of the spirit of the people to work together and the unity in diversity, despite the corruption of the politicians and the poverty level increasing and also the widening of the gap between the rich and poor, Mumbai still stands out as one of the most demanding cities in not only India but also in the whole world. Viva Mumbai.

Hope you liked the rather disappointing and uninteresting post.



8 responses to “The city of Angels. [ Part 2 ]

  1. Sharvil, I don’t mean to sound mean at all, but Marathis aren’t the original inhabitants of Mumbai. As much as the Thackeray clan would love for it to be that way, the fact is that kolis, the fisherfolk, first settled in Mumbai.

    I request you to rectify your post.

    I insist on this correction because this a well written post which I’m sure many people will read. So you have to be doubly sure that you include only the right info, or mention that it’s heresay.


    • You are actually right, but I think the language used by konkanis is also used by many of the maharashtrians, how about I just scribble marathis and write “maharashtrians” instead? that would be fair I think so!
      and nahh how would u sound mean? not even closer! and thanks for the appreciation thank you a lot =]

  2. Hey! I’m glad you’re being a sport about this!

    Marathis use ‘Marathi’, while flisherfolk use ‘Konkani’, which originated along the Konkan coastline. So yes, different languages.

    And in true sense of the term ‘Maharashtrian’, well, I would say even you are one, as you reside in Maharashtra. However, you are not Marathi.

    I know that most of the people use the word ‘Maharashtrian’ incorrectly. Well, go on and correct them!

    • Of course! I love people who read my blog and specially take interest in helping me rectify my mistakes.

      Damn yes, I being so dumb these days, or I really am? If you would never had told me this, I would never realize it. Thank you. I don’t know shall I put Konkanis or Maharashtrian? You tell me 🙂
      and I did a little change, should I keep that or change to Konkanis or Maharashtrian?

      Really appreciate your participation, thank you again.

  3. Hey! Go easy on yourself, yeah?

    Just say: The Konkanis (fisher folk) were the original inhabitants. While a lot of them are still around (with specially designated residences for them termed ‘koliwadas’), Mumbai sees an influx of all castes, with Marathis forming a majority.


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