Your love is lifitng me higher.


            “it is normal, it is normal, it is normal, it is normal!”  kept on saying a voice inside her while she was just trying to brush her teeth after dinner; things were pretty normal on the dinner table though, her mother had cooked them some nice chicken wings, there were some fries, green salad with a lot of mayonnaise in it and also long bread pieces on the dinning table, her mom said the prayer before the feast began, as usual, every thing was pretty much the way how it should be for everyone in the family, everyone but Susie. “Pass me the salad please Suz” cried out her mom, Susie didn’t even notice her the first time, the second time her mom asked for it, she heard her but her mind did not let her do anything because she was busy thinking about something…or rather someone.
Susie was 16, Straight brown colored medium length hair, dark brown eyes, white pale skin like someone had painted her white, a pretty face with a fat nose and a body for which half of the guys from her high school would kill  each other to have, but she had no pride for it, in fact she hated it because whenever she would pass by every guy would continue staring at her boobs which would make it very awkward for her. She was very polite, soft spoken and gullible, like an open book she would expose her nature to everyone who would want to read her. That was the main reason why she fell in love with a boy who was thousands of miles away from her.

It was summer time, Kieran worked at McDonald’s from Monday to Thursday in the afternoon shift in the summer, his shift had just got over and he was coming back home on his red BMX bike with black stripes, which he had bought from his savings of  last couple of weeks;  His family wasn’t very rich, in fact not even closer to it, that’s why he had to work in the summer to earn himself some money and spend it on certain luxuries he liked to enjoy all by himself. He was quite tall about 6’2″, athletic physique although he did not play any sport himself but he liked to maintain his body, White skin with a bit of tan,  medium length wavy hair like the Italian poets in the 1600’s, blue eyes with a perfect jaw line and clean shaved like he always preferred.

“Dude you packed all the things for tomorrow? We are going to the farm house right?” said a voice from his side, it was Ken. “What?” oh shit how do I tell him now, he thought, and said “About that, uh I don’t think I’m gonna come you guys go without me..”. “What? Why not dude we had been planning for this from  Last Monday!” Said Ken, “Don’t tell me you’re not coming with us because as usual you wanna talk to that new girl in your life who lives half way across the nation.” There was an awkward pause between them for a few seconds. Kieran had got a frown on his face after what Ken said, even though he wasn’t sure if he was faking it or not but he knew he needed it for sure. “Shit dude your seriously not coming for that reason? wow your impossible man, unbelievable! I hope you at least get to kiss her in your dreams, you wanker” Said Ken and walked away from there. “that hurt a bit I guess” Kieran said to himself and went inside his house.


That story above was just a short version of another normal story of an Online Relationship between two people, who are living thousands of miles away from each other but still they are giving more priority to each other than to their friends in real  life and also their families sometimes.. This case is usually applicable only to the teenage generation though.
Why do they fall for someone living so far? How can someone trust another person who lives on the other end of the nation? Why can’t they just love someone from nearby who they can trust and live with? These are they very frequently asked questions about the people who date online and the answer to all these questions are very similar and you know them too, you just haven’t explored them yet!

When does this happen? ask your self if you were a teenager at home, addicted to internet of course like everyone else! and you met this perfect person on a random chat site who fits in all your needs of “perfect partner” and you both have great compatibility and frankly that person is quite attractive for you, more attractive than most of the people you’ve seen in your area, wouldn’t you talk to that person and think of getting involved with that person? Of course that thought would cross your mind and that’s where the teenagers make the mistake.

Its nothing like Online Relationships are not trustworthy or they always fail or something like that, Online Relationships do prevail sometimes, like people meet each other in real life after knowing each other online for years! then they hang out with each other twice or thrice a month and then they finally decide to move in together or get married or something like that. But that’s not what happens all the time in real life…. or we could say that happens only to the people who get lucky when they hit “I’m feeling lucky” button on Google. Usually the relationships that are over the internet don’t work out because of many reasons, some of them being: Long-distance thing, Cheating on each other, Lying to each other frequently or the people just realize its just not going to happen between them and they just stop it then!

Like everything Online Relationships also has their plus points and negative ones; as far as I know you must have discovered some of the negative ones of Online Relationship from the above context for sure but when the positive points are considered they are also very hugely beneficial or you could say very profitable.
Everyone in this world gets stressed out, even if you’re a businessman, a postman, a normal sales executive, an actor or just a house person; everyone feels stressed out and they obviously feel like removing this stress on someone or by taking support of someone close, just getting rid of it. That my friends is where the Online Relationship helps. It’s not like the people in real life don’t support each other whenever necessary; it’s just that some people don’t like to share their personal information to someone unless they trust them very much; in an Online Relationship you either trust the person so much and tell them the situation or you just don’t care enough to not tell them because that person lives on the other end of the world, it’s like you’re not even gonna meet them ever so why not just tell them and take your burden off? Yup that helps a lot, sharing your stress to others helps a lot to take off the burden from your head and also you feel like you have someone to listen to even when you’re totally alone or when the family/friends have gone out somewhere and you need “a-shoulder-to-cry-to” you can always take help from someone online. These are some of the positive points of Online Relationships that I could think of, but I’m sure there are a lot and lot of more and in my opinion I would suggest if you have an option to date someone online, don’t hesitate, go for it because you never know if that person turns out to be your future husband/wife….or maybe someone who steals all your money from your house (ironic I know) but seriously try it!

Live Life Curiously. That’s my way of living.