The city of Angels. [ Part 1 ]

           You can’t guess anything there, nope at all, everything’s possible there, you could try guessing if you want to but you can’t be sure of ANYTHING! Many people migrate there from different parts of the nation to fulfill their dreams of becoming something BIG; big like an actor, a photographer, a journalist, fashion designer, a doctor (This used to be the favorite profession in the 90’s and it has been taken over by HR department now) or a manager in any corporate office where you would get a nice desk with your name on it and with a nice private air-conditioned cabin where you can hang your family’s portrait on a wall and you just have to lay back and enjoy it while you’re going through stupid statistics and big files of the company you work for, taking down notes and telling people who work below you about what to do, ordering them, shouting at them; heck! people USUALLY go there to become something they don’t even like, not even closer to their liking! because they don’t care what their job is, if they like the job or not, if it is good for them/society or not, they just want to see if there is good money in it to satisfy their basic needs, then save some up for the family, pay a little loans if they have taken some and what they all need after that is still a lot and lot of money for their lifestyle. It’s just about the money these days, if you don’t have money, you don’t have anything ….especially a good lifestyle. To survive in this beautiful city you sure do need a good lifestyle.

             Though mostly…MOSTLY, there is no discrimination of any kind or whatsoever in this city. The city is rich in culture and diversity, a lot of people from MANY religions and castes, sub-castes(a sub-category in caste) stay there. People like to co-operate and help each other, especially, at work when and where they can relate themselves to certain situations, thinking “Ah I’ve been here in this situation what you are facing right now, I know what it feels like right now to you, Come on I’ll help you.” of course not all people like co-operations but most do (Very often it is just the frustrated ones who are tired with life who don’t co-operate – god bless them all.) The world is nothing without co-operation and the people in this city have definitely learned that, the hard way…or anyway!

                I remember when last year during rains in the city, I was on my way to my college (where I am currently studying to complete my HSC), in a local train at around the afternoon, there was this average-aged guy in that train guy with his who-appeared-to-be like his mom, who was REALLY old and that guy he was bleeding as hell from his chest and his legs and there were lots of bruises on his body, it sure did look like the Devil had come himself and beaten him up with his Pitch-Fork; well anyway so when he got into the train – my first reaction was wow – but the people were so astonished and they started asking him questions like “how did this happen?” and all that normal things and then they got him 4 seats in a row and made him sleep there, offered him water, some had their lunch boxes with them and tried to share it with him and it was just, you know? very kind to be real in the 21st century, he was being treated as a prince in the train!!! I’m pretty sure that was the best time of his life because it appeared like he was really….really in deep trouble.

             I hope by now, you all must have understood, predicted, guessed the name of the city I am talking about, if not then let me make it clear – I am talking about the city of Mumbai. The only city where trains look something like this.

The Trains have become slight better than that, but the people are still pretty much doing the same thing..

     This is all that I have with myself to convey in my first part of ” The City of Angels.” and I sincerely hope you guys liked this part and also like the second part where I’ll talk about the city in details will come out pretty soon, and maybe there might as well be a third part? I don’t know it yet. Till then, have fun reading this post and read my other posts if you like. Bye, enjoy the gallery below. And also I’ll write a story for this post soon.


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