Ze “Mask.”

“Who are you?” I recognized this voice as quickly as I could as it came from behind.

And then in a very low tone I said “I’m Thomas sir, Thomas Adams”

“No you silly boy I asked you who you REALLY are?” He said this time with much louder and more confident voice.

I said “But sir I..I already told u I’m Thomas”

“Oh.” (followed by some laughter and a cough) “You won’t understand my question this soon enough boy, you will have to ask yourself who you are from the inside boy! not who you appear to be to everyone! Or choose to show to everyone!” He winked at me very weirdly and said that.

“By the way your accent is really British Thomas, are you from London boy?” He said, after clearing his throat.

“Nope but nearby” said I and thought “jerk leave me alone already I don’t wanna talk to you


  “Who am I?” Ever asked yourself that question before? (If not then please do.) Why are we here, in this situation, at this very place right now sitting and reading this blog? Is it fate/destiny/god? what is it? (its probably cuz I asked you to read it but that’s not my point friends).
“Sometimes we get confused in life, sometimes it is the life that confuses us” is what we all think, common misconception, agreed, but not true. Then what is it that confuses us? I’ll tell you what it is that confuses you; it’s your MIND that confuses you. Yes your mind. Your mind has the tendency to accept everything it experiences, take it inside you and keep it forever, it never rejects anything it sees or listens to, yes it may have negative opinions about it sometimes, agreed, but it still gets processed and gets stored inside you forever.  It will store everything that you have been through in your entire life!!! If u have gone through something really bad and you don’t want it anymore, you can’t erase it – but yes you can run away from it (not literally). REMEMBER THIS: You can’t just press the “delete” button in life…. unless some of your brain tissues containing that particular memory gets physically damaged of course.

Who are you?!

  Half the time people don’t know who they really are, sometimes instead of living life they just end up searching for stupid answers to stupid questions like “Do aliens exist? What is the meaning of life? What is your asl?  When does life really end? Do we get another life?” and blah blah blah blah. That is not really going to help you know who you really are or figure out the real meaning of life. Yes you will know a lot of new things from those some exciting some not! but you won’t get what you really need. You need to know how to figure out YOURSELF.
  You are what your life has made you.  Yup we are talking about experiences here, every experience you have ever had and you will ever have in the future – the good, the bad and the ones you don’t remember. Your experience has bought you here. And not only here but your experience will take you everywhere you go in your “Le Futur” – The Future.
Don’t try to cheat your experience. No, I wouldn’t do that seriously trust me. Don’t try to cheat mostly yourself. Now it brings us to, “How would/could I possibly cheat myself?!” Good question, here’s the answer for it > You can cheat yourself by just making yourself believe that you have not experienced something in life that you, in reality, have already experienced it yourself and you would just keep on denying it to yourself and others and finally your mind would take that thought of denial as a consideration. Now that your mind has two thoughts for consideration – viz – the REAL experience and the experience that you made your mind to believe, your mind will be diverted to many things and different conclusions. You will be confused to decide for yourself on things, confused on what to choose because your real experiences that you faced before liked something else and the newly-fake experience likes something else. That’s already so confusing right? Let me tell you this guys, the newly-fake experience that you are keeping is nothing but a mask; that my friends is how a mask is made and that is how you wear a mask. Pretty cool eh? Well not really ‘cos when you’re wearing a mask, you’re not really who you are, you’re what you want to be or you could say in short “FAKE”. Yes you are fake, however harsh that sounds, its very true. The only way to get back to your original self from the new-FAKE self is by removing that FAKE mask of yours or just simply wear a new  mask of original self.
“How do I get back to my original self?” Well its very easy guys, no brief explanation needed,  just ask yourself – “WHO AM I REALLY?” go for it, its deeper than you think it is, take a leap of faith.