Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go | The Full Moon Night

sooo I haven’t written anything in a long time and so I’ve decided to make-up a short story. I want to improve my writing skills again ^^

The Full Moon Night

It is 03:35 A.M. now and I am back home from a regular and tidy night-walk that I practice alone every once in a while. I felt nothing strange or uncanny about tonight. The full moon was rising above in the sky as beautiful as ever and I could barely focus on anything else for the first 5 minutes of my walk and unlike normal-times, I didn’t have a pack of cigarettes with me and so I decided to get some for me. The only place where I could get cigarettes in my little town at this hour was about 10 minutes of walking distance away from my apartment  and going there would also satisfy my usual need to walk for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. It was very cold outside and I had my Underground-Music-Movement jacket on, wearing a casual Tee inside with the only stock of track-pants that I currently own and honestly I looked like a typical psycho-stoner-freak, that was lurking out on the streets wanting to express himself as violently as possible.

I had reached half-way through. As I walked by the crossroad surrounding my friend’s apartment in a very cold and lonesome night, I saw a kennel of very angry street-dogs spying on me with suspicion. The area that I was walking on, the street that I was crossing was probably their home or a hang-out spot and  they obviously didn’t like me crossing the streets all alone this late in the night and decided to corner me. I’ll admit I was pretty fucking scared at first because I have never been a lover of dogs, in fact I hate them and I am very much scared of them.

There were about 10 or 12 of them, all of them looking very strong and ready to pounce at me if I were to make a wrong move. They were looking at me with a lot of anger, I could sense it in their approach. I stood very still and they were waiting for me to make a move. One of them then started barking very loudly and it really made me feel petrified, making me think maybe going out tonight was not the best-idea. I had to make a decision real quick but in the heat of the moment I couldn’t think of anything but running. I took 5 or 6 long steps to see their reaction and unsurprisingly they were all following me slowly, just walking with my pace. I took a few more steps, and the moment that I extensively feared  had finally come, one of the canine started running towards me and it was that moment when my animal instincts really came into action.

The first thing I thought to myself was of the time when my elder brother told me “How the hell can you not like dogs, and secondly how the hell do you fear them?” he said a lot of other useless sh*t too but this was no time to think about that, this had turned out to be like a “Do-or-Die” but at a very small scale. Suddenly all of my animal instincts told me what I was supposed to do. It asked me to take a stance and out of nowhere lots of thoughts pertaining to possible solutions were attacking my consciousness, making me feel more and more nervous. The best possible solution then came out of one of those thoughts. “Attack is the best form of defense.” I remembered my brother telling me this when I was a little kid, ” don’t be afraid of.. dogs are supposed to be afraid of us, if they ever chase you, run back at them aggressively and throw a rock or something at them, sons of b*tches will probably get scared and run-away!” sons of bitches -_- And that is what I decided to do, I picked up the nearest rock and I hurled it at one of them, at first, they got a little scared but then showed signs of resistance.. probably because of my poor and shy attitude towards them early on. But I had decided very firmly, I was not going to be afraid of them anymore and I would even hurt them if I had to. This newly formed attitude of mine gave them a sense of warning that I was not going to accept defeat so easily and I took advantage of it. I took 3 or 4 more steps towards them and expressed a lot of anger in my movement. Thankfully this made the situation very calm and the situation appeared to be under my control now and they were all running back.. back to their hiding place maybe, I just didn’t seem to care anymore. Finally they all seemed to disappear and I continued with my walk, keeping my glance back to the beautiful full moon.