Daily Prompt: Ready, Set Go | The Full Moon Night

sooo I haven’t written anything in a long time and so I’ve decided to make-up a short story. I want to improve my writing skills again ^^

The Full Moon Night

It is 03:35 A.M. now and I am back home from a regular and tidy night-walk that I practice alone every once in a while. I felt nothing strange or uncanny about tonight. The full moon was rising above in the sky as beautiful as ever and I could barely focus on anything else for the first 5 minutes of my walk and unlike normal-times, I didn’t have a pack of cigarettes with me and so I decided to get some for me. The only place where I could get cigarettes in my little town at this hour was about 10 minutes of walking distance away from my apartment  and going there would also satisfy my usual need to walk for a minimum of 20-30 minutes. It was very cold outside and I had my Underground-Music-Movement jacket on, wearing a casual Tee inside with the only stock of track-pants that I currently own and honestly I looked like a typical psycho-stoner-freak, that was lurking out on the streets wanting to express himself as violently as possible.

I had reached half-way through. As I walked by the crossroad surrounding my friend’s apartment in a very cold and lonesome night, I saw a kennel of very angry street-dogs spying on me with suspicion. The area that I was walking on, the street that I was crossing was probably their home or a hang-out spot and  they obviously didn’t like me crossing the streets all alone this late in the night and decided to corner me. I’ll admit I was pretty fucking scared at first because I have never been a lover of dogs, in fact I hate them and I am very much scared of them.

There were about 10 or 12 of them, all of them looking very strong and ready to pounce at me if I were to make a wrong move. They were looking at me with a lot of anger, I could sense it in their approach. I stood very still and they were waiting for me to make a move. One of them then started barking very loudly and it really made me feel petrified, making me think maybe going out tonight was not the best-idea. I had to make a decision real quick but in the heat of the moment I couldn’t think of anything but running. I took 5 or 6 long steps to see their reaction and unsurprisingly they were all following me slowly, just walking with my pace. I took a few more steps, and the moment that I extensively feared  had finally come, one of the canine started running towards me and it was that moment when my animal instincts really came into action.

The first thing I thought to myself was of the time when my elder brother told me “How the hell can you not like dogs, and secondly how the hell do you fear them?” he said a lot of other useless sh*t too but this was no time to think about that, this had turned out to be like a “Do-or-Die” but at a very small scale. Suddenly all of my animal instincts told me what I was supposed to do. It asked me to take a stance and out of nowhere lots of thoughts pertaining to possible solutions were attacking my consciousness, making me feel more and more nervous. The best possible solution then came out of one of those thoughts. “Attack is the best form of defense.” I remembered my brother telling me this when I was a little kid, ” don’t be afraid of.. dogs are supposed to be afraid of us, if they ever chase you, run back at them aggressively and throw a rock or something at them, sons of b*tches will probably get scared and run-away!” sons of bitches -_- And that is what I decided to do, I picked up the nearest rock and I hurled it at one of them, at first, they got a little scared but then showed signs of resistance.. probably because of my poor and shy attitude towards them early on. But I had decided very firmly, I was not going to be afraid of them anymore and I would even hurt them if I had to. This newly formed attitude of mine gave them a sense of warning that I was not going to accept defeat so easily and I took advantage of it. I took 3 or 4 more steps towards them and expressed a lot of anger in my movement. Thankfully this made the situation very calm and the situation appeared to be under my control now and they were all running back.. back to their hiding place maybe, I just didn’t seem to care anymore. Finally they all seemed to disappear and I continued with my walk, keeping my glance back to the beautiful full moon.

A tribute to Zlatan Ingenious-Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic
Source: Google.com

“Earth; You are surrounded by ruthless people where – surviving is a talent; perseverance is a skill; patience is a virtue; success is delightful and is bound to be achieved only if you struggle for it and there is no real joy in achieving the success that you get by doing nothing at all.”

People often get lost in their journey on achieving successful results in their work or their target. They set a target for themselves, which they have wanted to achieve for a long long period of time, they set some goals and plan a to-do list, a whole time table which they hope they’ll follow, but then they end up doing everything wrong and unplanned because of the circumstances, and after failing to their task they ask to themselves “Why did I not go according to the plan? what failed?”

Confidence, failed.
Confidence is one of things that is must in taking decisions – especially good ones. Your whole idea of getting a “task” successful depends on the kind of decisions you take, where the good ones take you to a ride to heaven and the ride to hell is not that far, at least not more than you think.
The decisions that you take have a major influence on your result at your “task” but of course the process is also as important. Bad decisions can sometime mess up your entire idea of how it should’ve ended up. What lets you choose your decision? Yes your confidence in the whole idea of that decision.

Ok, enough with the crap-talk, here is a real story from a city in Sweden.

Back in 1999, when the world was not as computer relied as it stands now, lived a very special boy in the city of Malmo, Sweden. Malmo is a very populated city and the third largest city by population in Sweden. but back then, its football (soccer) team was experiencing a major downfall, which left the whole city embarrassed. One of the greatest clubs from Sweden, MalmoFF was relegated to the second division in the year 1999, after being in the top flight for 63 co consecutive years! that’s one hell of an achievement if you ask me. But the lackluster shown by the team placed them 13th in the group, which resulted into their relegation from the top flight. This was a major shock to them, they were very disappointed and now had a big task in hand, should they not finish in the top 2, promoting them back to the top flight, they knew that this would be the worst run of the club in its entire history.
Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the prodigal teen who was only 18 years old at that time in 1999, played as a ST (striker) for the MalmoFF knew that this was his chance to shine and achieve what he always wanted from life. I am sure you must’ve heard the name Zlatan Ibrahimovic somewhere… He just scored a 30 yard over-head kick goal and a total of 4 goals for Sweden in a single game against the mighty England squad in a 4-2 win over them at Sweden and I, being an England fan was almost in tears when I saw the ball hit the back of the net from 30 yards of an over-head kick, which practically finished off the game for England. Ask England Captain StevieG (Steven Gerrard) about it!

Image captured after he hit the over-head kick from 30 yards
which went inside the goal

Zlatan wasn’t exactly the kind of guy that a team-mate would love to have when he was in his teens. He was extremely selfish, naive and yet skillful. His team-mates and the coaches were always by his side but often blamed him for being extremely selfish and not passing the ball around when the team-mates had a better chance to score. He was often *boo’d* by the supporters who even criticzed the manager for his selection in the first team! Things were becoming very difficult for both, Zlatan and the team as they struggled in their first two matches in the second division, picking only 1 point from each game. But the phlegmatic manager of the team kept his calm and he gave Zlatan the opportunity that he deserved. The manager saw Zlatan, the prodigal boy from a totally different angle, one which could’ve been very hard for others like us to see… He saw a different talent in him and he recognized the true potential of the IngeniousIbra with great depth, and he knew that, inside his mind, all Zlatan wanted was to help the team win and get them to the top flight and so he decided to take advantage of this situation and let the 18 year old play for 26 times out of the possible 30 matches in the second division. This was the turning point in Zlatan’s career as he scored 12 goals in the entire tournament and was the top scorer in his own club. The club finished at the 2nd position in the league and were promoted to the top flight again. People all around the city were celebrating this successful season of MalmoFF and were appreciating the outstanding form of the team and specially the magnificence shown by Zlatan Ibrahimovic . Chants of “SuperZlatan”  were heard everywhere in the club’s stadium and that moment when the team won their last match, will be always remembered in the history of MalmoFF as a turning point of the club, special thanks to Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Soon after the season ended with MalmoFF, Zlatan was sold to a foreign club of Amsterdam called AFC Ajax for the record transfer fee of 82.5 Million Swedish Currency. Zlatan became his country’s most expensive player at that time and he still is, later on ended up moving to several big clubs around the Europe to enjoy his footballing career. After his transfer from MalmoFF to Ajax, he had new challenges waiting for him ahead in life and he sure as hell took them very well. He later on played for the big European clubs like Juventus, Inter Milan, Barcelona, A.C. Milan and currently plays in the country of France for the club of Paris named ‘Paris-Saint-German’ (PSG). Zlatan Ibrahimovic has won the domestic league trophy in every season that he has played in and has been the top scorer of the club that he ever played for, no matter which club he played for. He is the kind of football player that you just cannot hate. Pure talent.

Here are some links to more information on Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s life.

Top 25 quotes by Zlatan. (must read)

His Documentary. A 50 mins long documentary based on the events happening during the time of 1999 and 2000 in the lift of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, when he was 18 years old and events happening at the MalmoFF post their relegation. Events are based on true stories

WikiPedia page for Statistical information:


Zlatan Ibrahimovic Celebrates as he scores a goal for his new club

Anti-Virus can’t protect you from Insecurity, right?

          First of all: After reading the title of this post, if you are thinking “should it?” then it would be totally fair for you to think like that but the answer to that question is a bold NO! or is it? but then I do hope that they invent an “anti-virus” that controls your insecure feeling. Secondly: Insecurity is not really a virus! (information for noobs) It is an emotional state of mind.

          Don’t know about you but I was never insecure in my life for a LONG time, just short experiences lasting only seconds or sometimes minutes of it but I don’t think I ever will be, it is nothing I am flaunting about or claiming that it as some kind of skill of mine but it is just the way I am and I don’t think of it as a “good” or “bad” because that would be just foolish of me to judge that.

          Well insecurity happens with anybody and everybody unless you are an emotion-less person with no feelings for anything or whatever! Like for example: your spouse talking to another attractive person for a longer time, that can make you feel insecure, your business facing constant loses over a period of time can make you nervous and insecure, your home-work not done on time and you imagining what your teacher would do to you, could make your mind think insecurely; and THESE are exactly the times where you wish something could take away the subject making you insecure – subject which is: the spouse, the business and the home-work in the above mentioned examples – or the subject would do something for you to make you feel SECURE… now obviously non-living things don’t react rationally to the situations and now you know why the “Anti-Virus” invention could help? Although they should call it as “Anti-Insecure +.”



          Timothy felt a sudden strike of guilt raging upon his mind and he yelled “Stop it! Stop it please!” He continued say that after taking his boxers in his hand and trying to wear it “I am leaving now Sammy, leaving now, leaving you and leaving forever.” He said paused as he sat upright on the double bed where he and Samantha had done things which were unthinkable for Denna. Samantha was confused and she felt like someone had punched her in the face that instant and she was trying to figure out what had just happened and in her reflex she started rolling her hands around his chest got up to his height and started feeling up his abs trying to seduce him and moaning in little voices *ah, ahh* while kissing his neck and lips in a very hardcore manner like almost doing it in frustration. “Enough!” He said and pushed her a little and she fell back on the bed and he said then “She is waiting for me at home, let me go! you don’t know her, she knows about us Samantha and she is very dangerous, this is where it all ends between you and me.” That brought a mixed feeling on Samantha’s face, a mixture of sadness with anger, unable to cry and unable to help herself out of this, she replied in anger “So NOW you care about that BITCH huh?, you fucking insecure two-timing jerk.” and she sobbed lying on the bed bare naked in a dead position with her curvy body while Timothy just took his belongings, he got dressed, kissed her cheeks and stormed out of there before slamming the door hardly.


          Denna was making soup for two at the kitchen, she was sitting on her chair and she was tenderly slicing up the vegetables with the razor sharp shiny knife which she had bought last week from The Store because, apparently her last knife had proven to be a costly one. She took a deep glance at the knife which had a black handle and some kind of Chinese carving on the handle and she then thought how easily this knife could slice things up with no problem at all? and how easy it would be to stab someone with this small knife and take their life away? take them away from this world, kill them, or just stab herself with it and end this fear? It was no surprise for her because she knew someone who already did that before, who already killed herself in vain because she couldn’t face what she did, she was her mother.


          Insecurity” is commonly defined as “the state of being subject to danger or injury and in fear.”


1. Not sure or certain; doubtful.
2. Inadequately guarded or protected; unsafe.
Not firm or fixed; unsteady (source : www.thefreedictionary.com)

          It is really hard to run-away from the Insecurity feeling really because when you are experiencing it you will probably become very nervous or uneasy or maybe both, which is totally natural of course! nothing wrong in it and it may also provoke you to unleash unnecessary arrogance towards others or yourself (like how it was assumed in the story above) in any form like physical and verbal. Insecure people, not offending someone, are really immature during that period of Insecurity and they have a continuous tendency of over thinking on everything and anything, consider if you were feeling Insecure (whatever be the reason) and you have a boyfriend, a significant other, then you would not only think about him/her all the time but also think about the things or actions done by them and try to analyze them, correct them if they are wrong and come to conclusions, try to build up the act of the process of the things done and etc., you just can’t stop thinking… Other effects of Insecurity include shyness, paranoia, withdrawal from social life and etc. which are all related to social and cultural life of the individual. It is really all too complicated to be explained in a short post like this but I’m sure you will eventually figure out the real meaning of it! And if you are in your right senses during this bitter and probably the worst experience in your life of Insecurity then you would know what to do and what not, but if you continue to show signs of Insecurity rather than trying to solve your problem then unfortunately you have fallen a prey to “one-of-the-most-hated” feeling ever. EMOTIONAL INSECURITY.

          Eventually people get out of that absurd insecure feeling, just naturally the individual gets over it, it may depend on the potential and intelligence of the person on how fast this process ends but whenever it does, they know they do not want to commit the same crime again. They know about the high stakes. Therefore, a simple solution to avoid insecurity?
Think before you act.

Correct me if I am wrong.


An insecure girl

Think before it is TOO late.

The city of Angels. [ Part 2 ]

I know, I know! It has been a while since…wait not a while, a VERY long time since I published anything or this #part2 in specific, but it’s like, what do they say? “better late than never!”; Yes I was actually planning to quit writing until this wonderful friend of mine inspired me again to write and I truly thank her for that, thank you Nidhi and I hope you figure out the story line for your novel and with your truly amazing writing skills I’m sure you will prevail.
And friends, this is my first post after thousand years so please don’t have high expectations.

Getting back to the main topic now which was, MUMBAI! ‘aamchi mumbai’ as the locals call it, which literally means – ‘our mumbai’ has a population of about 18 million people, ranking the highest populated city in India and 6th highest populated city in the whole world. With the great population and different cultures, The Konkanis (fisher folk) were the original inhabitants. While a lot of them are still around (with specially designated residences for them termed ‘koliwadas’), Mumbai sees an influx of all castes, with Marathis forming a majority stand among as the majority of population among many other castes living there, other castes usually found are gujratis, sindhis, punjabis, marwadis, jats, biharis etc.

The City of Mumbai is the capital of one the many states of India called Maharashtra and is divided in 3 major parts which are – Central Mumbai, South Mumbai and the Suburban areas and the railways are divided as Central and Western Railways, with the Central Railways including portions of the Central Mumbai and Western Railways including everything else. Being an Island, the City was originally built on archipelago of seven islands namely – Bombay Island, Parel, Mazagaon, Worli, Colaba and Little Colaba which existed merely 2000 years ago. The total area of the city is calculated as approx. 603 sq km and the density of population about 25,000 persons per sq km.

Now that you know about the area, population and other things mentioned above about the city let me tell you that this city was discovered and introduced into the Europe by the Portuguese explorers and later on were ruled by them before finally being handed over to the East India Company and later on became the capital of them with result of changing the capital from Surat to Mumbai. It was then ruled by the British Government until her country got independence in 1947.
The rule of British and Portuguese in Mumbai resulted as the spread of Christianity in the city and hence a lot of churches are found upright which were built in at around 1500’s.

The city has had many names in the past but it was branded as Bombay by the Europeans and later on changed as Mumbai in 1995 by the political party Shiv Shena when they won the Maharashtra State elections. Politically, the City of Mumbai is a very important place as it is the financial capital of India. People migrate here from different parts of India to gain monetary success, to complete or fulfill their dreams, dreams of becoming something big and what not.

It has everything that a metropolitan city would or should have other than tall and really architecturally modern offices, apartments and houses which are comparatively very less in quantity (but they do exist) and it has a great night life too! lot of pubs to drink around, whores houses, nice and smooth illegal car and bike races, drug dealing, child trafficking is common.
It has one of the world’s largest slums called Dharavi with capturing almost 1/5th of the city’s population in that particular slum area, although there are 4 more bigger slums than Dharavi in Mumbai as of today… You have to live here to understand the situation of the slums in Mumbai.

Kanheri caves, the Gateway of India, The Sanjay Gandhi National Park are some of the many places you could visit at Mumbai, but trust me if you came to India to see some historic monuments or any monuments, this is not the place u should be hanging around, go to Agra or somewhere but not here cuz this place is full of busy people with briefcases!
But overall I would rate this city a 7.5/10 because of the spirit of the people to work together and the unity in diversity, despite the corruption of the politicians and the poverty level increasing and also the widening of the gap between the rich and poor, Mumbai still stands out as one of the most demanding cities in not only India but also in the whole world. Viva Mumbai.

Hope you liked the rather disappointing and uninteresting post.


The city of Angels. [ Part 1 ]

           You can’t guess anything there, nope at all, everything’s possible there, you could try guessing if you want to but you can’t be sure of ANYTHING! Many people migrate there from different parts of the nation to fulfill their dreams of becoming something BIG; big like an actor, a photographer, a journalist, fashion designer, a doctor (This used to be the favorite profession in the 90’s and it has been taken over by HR department now) or a manager in any corporate office where you would get a nice desk with your name on it and with a nice private air-conditioned cabin where you can hang your family’s portrait on a wall and you just have to lay back and enjoy it while you’re going through stupid statistics and big files of the company you work for, taking down notes and telling people who work below you about what to do, ordering them, shouting at them; heck! people USUALLY go there to become something they don’t even like, not even closer to their liking! because they don’t care what their job is, if they like the job or not, if it is good for them/society or not, they just want to see if there is good money in it to satisfy their basic needs, then save some up for the family, pay a little loans if they have taken some and what they all need after that is still a lot and lot of money for their lifestyle. It’s just about the money these days, if you don’t have money, you don’t have anything ….especially a good lifestyle. To survive in this beautiful city you sure do need a good lifestyle.

             Though mostly…MOSTLY, there is no discrimination of any kind or whatsoever in this city. The city is rich in culture and diversity, a lot of people from MANY religions and castes, sub-castes(a sub-category in caste) stay there. People like to co-operate and help each other, especially, at work when and where they can relate themselves to certain situations, thinking “Ah I’ve been here in this situation what you are facing right now, I know what it feels like right now to you, Come on I’ll help you.” of course not all people like co-operations but most do (Very often it is just the frustrated ones who are tired with life who don’t co-operate – god bless them all.) The world is nothing without co-operation and the people in this city have definitely learned that, the hard way…or anyway!

                I remember when last year during rains in the city, I was on my way to my college (where I am currently studying to complete my HSC), in a local train at around the afternoon, there was this average-aged guy in that train guy with his who-appeared-to-be like his mom, who was REALLY old and that guy he was bleeding as hell from his chest and his legs and there were lots of bruises on his body, it sure did look like the Devil had come himself and beaten him up with his Pitch-Fork; well anyway so when he got into the train – my first reaction was wow – but the people were so astonished and they started asking him questions like “how did this happen?” and all that normal things and then they got him 4 seats in a row and made him sleep there, offered him water, some had their lunch boxes with them and tried to share it with him and it was just, you know? very kind to be real in the 21st century, he was being treated as a prince in the train!!! I’m pretty sure that was the best time of his life because it appeared like he was really….really in deep trouble.

             I hope by now, you all must have understood, predicted, guessed the name of the city I am talking about, if not then let me make it clear – I am talking about the city of Mumbai. The only city where trains look something like this.

The Trains have become slight better than that, but the people are still pretty much doing the same thing..

     This is all that I have with myself to convey in my first part of ” The City of Angels.” and I sincerely hope you guys liked this part and also like the second part where I’ll talk about the city in details will come out pretty soon, and maybe there might as well be a third part? I don’t know it yet. Till then, have fun reading this post and read my other posts if you like. Bye, enjoy the gallery below. And also I’ll write a story for this post soon.


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(Re Blogged) Introverts vs. Extroverts: It’s Time to Set the Record Straight (via Magnet for Foolishness)

My comments on it:

Introverts for the win! Not like I’m saying extroverts aren’t good, they are equally good, but personally me being an introvert (not with my close friends though) I think introverts are more smart people because we think too much on everything and the interaction is very less, while extroverts are more hyper and excited and don’t think or over think things usually, but also over thinking is bad; thinking is not. Anyway, read the original post below.

Introverts vs. Extroverts: It’s Time to Set the Record Straight Hi. I’m Sonya. And I’m an introvert. (Now you say, “Hi, Sonya.”) Dictionary.com defines introvert in a couple of ways. The first definition it gives is “a shy person”. I happen to disagree with this definition, especially since it defines shy as “easily frightened away”, “suspicious”, “distrustful”, and “reluctant”. The second definiti … Read More

via Magnet for Foolishness

Ze “Mask.”

“Who are you?” I recognized this voice as quickly as I could as it came from behind.

And then in a very low tone I said “I’m Thomas sir, Thomas Adams”

“No you silly boy I asked you who you REALLY are?” He said this time with much louder and more confident voice.

I said “But sir I..I already told u I’m Thomas”

“Oh.” (followed by some laughter and a cough) “You won’t understand my question this soon enough boy, you will have to ask yourself who you are from the inside boy! not who you appear to be to everyone! Or choose to show to everyone!” He winked at me very weirdly and said that.

“By the way your accent is really British Thomas, are you from London boy?” He said, after clearing his throat.

“Nope but nearby” said I and thought “jerk leave me alone already I don’t wanna talk to you


  “Who am I?” Ever asked yourself that question before? (If not then please do.) Why are we here, in this situation, at this very place right now sitting and reading this blog? Is it fate/destiny/god? what is it? (its probably cuz I asked you to read it but that’s not my point friends).
“Sometimes we get confused in life, sometimes it is the life that confuses us” is what we all think, common misconception, agreed, but not true. Then what is it that confuses us? I’ll tell you what it is that confuses you; it’s your MIND that confuses you. Yes your mind. Your mind has the tendency to accept everything it experiences, take it inside you and keep it forever, it never rejects anything it sees or listens to, yes it may have negative opinions about it sometimes, agreed, but it still gets processed and gets stored inside you forever.  It will store everything that you have been through in your entire life!!! If u have gone through something really bad and you don’t want it anymore, you can’t erase it – but yes you can run away from it (not literally). REMEMBER THIS: You can’t just press the “delete” button in life…. unless some of your brain tissues containing that particular memory gets physically damaged of course.

Who are you?!

  Half the time people don’t know who they really are, sometimes instead of living life they just end up searching for stupid answers to stupid questions like “Do aliens exist? What is the meaning of life? What is your asl?  When does life really end? Do we get another life?” and blah blah blah blah. That is not really going to help you know who you really are or figure out the real meaning of life. Yes you will know a lot of new things from those some exciting some not! but you won’t get what you really need. You need to know how to figure out YOURSELF.
  You are what your life has made you.  Yup we are talking about experiences here, every experience you have ever had and you will ever have in the future – the good, the bad and the ones you don’t remember. Your experience has bought you here. And not only here but your experience will take you everywhere you go in your “Le Futur” – The Future.
Don’t try to cheat your experience. No, I wouldn’t do that seriously trust me. Don’t try to cheat mostly yourself. Now it brings us to, “How would/could I possibly cheat myself?!” Good question, here’s the answer for it > You can cheat yourself by just making yourself believe that you have not experienced something in life that you, in reality, have already experienced it yourself and you would just keep on denying it to yourself and others and finally your mind would take that thought of denial as a consideration. Now that your mind has two thoughts for consideration – viz – the REAL experience and the experience that you made your mind to believe, your mind will be diverted to many things and different conclusions. You will be confused to decide for yourself on things, confused on what to choose because your real experiences that you faced before liked something else and the newly-fake experience likes something else. That’s already so confusing right? Let me tell you this guys, the newly-fake experience that you are keeping is nothing but a mask; that my friends is how a mask is made and that is how you wear a mask. Pretty cool eh? Well not really ‘cos when you’re wearing a mask, you’re not really who you are, you’re what you want to be or you could say in short “FAKE”. Yes you are fake, however harsh that sounds, its very true. The only way to get back to your original self from the new-FAKE self is by removing that FAKE mask of yours or just simply wear a new  mask of original self.
“How do I get back to my original self?” Well its very easy guys, no brief explanation needed,  just ask yourself – “WHO AM I REALLY?” go for it, its deeper than you think it is, take a leap of faith.